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Do 3M Respirator Dust Masks Filter Out Smoke?

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A 3M respirator dust mask is designed primarily to achieve a very close facial fit. They are very
efficient in filtering out airborne particles.

If you’re in a hurry or are looking for a quick and direct answer, then YES, 3M face masks
filter out smoke. But, they aren’t effective in filtering out gases that come from smoke as they get
mixed with the air.

If you are exposed to the smoky area for a long time, make sure to wear a respiratory mask to save
your lungs from inhaling hazardous smoke.

How are 3M Respirator Masks made?

The 3M respirator masks are made up of filtering materials that fit over the nose and the mouth.
These materials will filter out most of the small particles found in the smoke. However, the mask
should fit properly to the wearer’s face. But remember the 3M respirator masks only filter particles
and not toxic gases and vapors.

Your 3M Respirator Mask Must Fit Tightly

As mentioned above, the 3M safety masks are designed to fit tightly to the wearer’s face. This,
however, will make breathing a little difficult (at the start), especially if you are not used to wearing
a safety mask.

If your 3M pollution mask doesn’t fit tightly on your face, then chances are they are blocking only
the large particles (the ones that you can see) that come with the smoke.

Approved by NIOSH

The 3M N95 respirator masks are approved by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and
Health). The 3M respirator masks filter small particles that appear in smoke more efficiently than
dust masks. To be precise, 3M respirator masks are capable of filtering out 95% of the 0.3 microns
sized particles. Therefore, it is important to wear NIOSH approved 3M respirator masks.
Wearing masks is the best way to protect yourself from the smoke of any kind and their harmful

Indian Lily is the leading manufacturer of 3M respirator dust masks that filter out most of the
small particles that come from the smoke. Besides, these masks are approved by both NIOSH and
the Government of India.

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