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N95 Masks VS Surgical Masks – Which Is Better At Preventing The Coronavirus

Face Mask protect against Coronavirus

Coronavirus has caught every continent, except Antarctica, in its grip. Over 5000 people have already died and more than a lakh are infected by this brutal disease. The main problem is that the coronavirus spreads through the respiratory system. This means that if you come in touch with an affected person, the bacteria will certainly enter inside your body. Because of this reason, the disease is much more infectious and fatal than Ebola.

Initially, there was a wave of information that confirmed that masks were a good source of protecting unaffected people from the disease. But later, the health authorities realized that the best practices of hygiene are more essential to protect healthy individuals from getting affected by the disease. If you Buy N95 Mask and wear it properly, but don’t wash your hand before bringing it closer to your face, you might catch the disease.

Thus, people must take care of the following steps to protect their bodies.

? Wear a mask when you are out in the public.
? Stay away from mass public gatherings and maintain a distance of 5 meters from sick people.
? Wash your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer or regular soap and water every 30 minutes.
? Avoid touching and hugging others.

Now that you know how important it is to wear a mask, let’s learn more about its types.

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N95 Mask

An N95 mask is a proper respirator that comes with one or two valves to help you breathe. It is perfectly fitted over your mouth because it comes with a contour at the tapering ends to ensure that the masks fit your face perfectly. As there are no loose ends, the N95 Pollution Masks leave absolutely negligible area for particles to reach your face.
The N95 respirator is thick and rigid if you hold it in your hand. This helps it in protecting your face from solid and liquid particulates that could potentially harm your body. When you Buy N95 Face Mask Online, double-check to see that the image contains a stamp of N95 to ensure that it is authentic.

Surgical Mask

As opposed to an N95 Respirator, a surgical mask is a loose mask that comes with no specific fitting for the face. Different types of surgical masks are made with varying thickness to protect you from coming in contact with any kind of harmful liquid droplets.

These masks are perfect for medical professionals as it protects the batería from either side (large droplets) from exchanging surfaces. However, these masks do not come with the capacity for filtering out the small particles. As it is loosely fitted over the face, it does not provide complete protection from germs and infections either. Still, surgical masks are essential for people working as medical professionals because they protect them from exposure to the germs and bacteria when coupled with other products.

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