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Which type of Safety Mask is effective for Covid-19

Covid 19 has presented us with unprecedented times with unprecedented expectations and requirements both. Always wearing of an appropriate face mask is one such little but necessary requirement of these times and constant Government notifications mandating use of face masks both in family as well as public environments are ample proof. There are various types of Safety Masks Online and offline that can help in stopping the spread of this highly communicable virus:


1. Surgical Masks:

Surgical masks are the common thin cottony, mostly-blue or green color medical masks. They are used to cover nose and mouth of the wearers and are generally disposed of after single use. These masks bring in safety against coranavirus as they do not let large virus drop particles enter the nose and mouth of the wearer or escape from the wearer as well.

3M 8210 Safety Mask (FFP2 Grade)

2. Cotton Masks:

As of now, cotton masks have proven to be the most effective Safety Mask option to prevent against the corona virus as they happen to be the most widely bought and used safety masks. This has mainly been due to the following reasons:

  • The primary reason why we buy masks is safety and cotton masks tend to provide complete safety from the covid-19 virus, as they do not let particulate matter from the air enter our mouths and nose.
  • They also do not let the virus spread from the wearer as it does not let the virus particles escape to the surrounding air.
  • They are comfortable to wear and breathe in.
  • Completely washable and reusable.
  • Available in quite a few designs

3M 9000 ING Safety Mask (FFP1 Grade)

3. N95 Masks:

These masks are made of tangled fabrics that are breathable in nature and also filter out all particulate matter (pollution as well as pathogens) from sizes 100nm to 300nm. The covid-19 virus is known to have a 125 nano-metre particulate size. Thus, these masks effectively remove the coronavirus, as well as help the wearer to breathe easily as the air is exhaled out using the valve. They are also washable and reusable in nature.

One way or the other, usage of masks is a must. Indian Lily is a renowned online brand that offers a wide range of some of the best respirators and masks out there. With a host of usability options including simple respirators as well as N95 and N99 masks, the company promotes holistic wellness for its clients the world over.

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