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All In One watch

Q50 GPS Kids Tracker Smart Wristwatch

  • It has Dual Mode Positioning: GPS + +LBS (base station positioning) to check the position anywhere & anytime,get real-time location tracking via mobile app.
  • Geo Electronic Fence it helps to set an area in advance, if your kids go out of the area, an alarm will ring.
  • If your kid is in danger just by long pressing the SOS key for 3s, it will be on alert state.
  • A call can be done & notification will be sent to the app if the kid is in danger.
  • App Remote control shutdown, Sleep Tracker, Pulse Monitor.

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Q50 GPS Smart WristWatch

Right from the beginning of our species to our ancient society to our modern world, our offspring have been the top-most priority. We do anything in our power to protect the little ones from any harm. However, in the world we live in now, safety is scarce, and like any good parent, we worry about our children and their well-being.

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