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4 Pieces Combo Anti Pollution Mask Dust Respirator Washable Reusable Cover Cotton Unisex Mouth Muffle Allergy/Asthma/Travel/ Cycling

Dust Respirator, washable, reusable cover,cotton,unisex, mouth muffle allergy/asthma/travel/ cycling ,breathable, windproof, sweat-absorption and skin-friendly. Besides, comes with breathing valve, it can dissipate heat. Ergonomic cut on nose and adjustable and elastic ear belt can fit face closely .  Unlike other disposable masks, this mount mask is washable and can be used repeatedly.  What’s more, equipped with two pieces of non woven active carbon, which is inserted into mask, it can filter contaminants like PM2.5, haze, dust, automobile exhaust, formaldehyde, pollen. Our mask, for you, is a necessity to outdoor, travel and other public places.

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