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Can Air Purifiers Mask Filter Out The Coronavirus?

Can Air Purifiers Mask Filter Out The Coronavirus

December 2019 began to turn the fate of hundreds of countries globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID – 19 as a pandemic recently. This burst out a huge bubble of fear and irrational purchasing among millions of people worldwide. The most purchased items from the markets were masks and sanitizers. But if you go out to actually purchase a face mask, the number of options will overwhelm you. In this article, we will see if air purifier masks are enough to handle a giant pandemic like COVID – 19 or not.

But, before moving forward it is important to understand better about this particular disease.

What is COVID 19?

Scientists around the world are trying to develop a vaccination against the COVID -19 disease. It was first observed in Wuhan, China. Since then the disease has only spread. The World Health Organization gave the name of COVID -19 to the novel coronavirus disease, as it was earlier called. When more than 121 countries around the world were affected by this epidemic, the WHO announced it to be a pandemic and urged the countries around the world to stop it from further spreading.

How is it spread?

The bacteria and viruses of this disease are transmitted through the air. When a person affected by the disease, sneezes around a healthy person, the bacteria enter their body. Also, when we touch a person affected by COVID – 19, our bodies are affected by the wrath of this powerful disease. It is said that the bacteria are transmitted through the respiratory system. When a healthy person touches his face after coming in contact with the virus, the bacteria enter his body through the respiratory system and started damaging it internally. Thus, one of the safe ways to protect ourselves from this disease is by covering our face.

Air pollution mask is replaced as the protection mask in today’s hour of need. You need to buy safety mask and wear it properly to protect yourself from the disease. Apart from this, maintaining daily hygiene is very essential, without which, the masks will not be effective on your body. Follow the steps mentioned below to protect yourself from coronavirus.

? Wash your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer or with soap and water for 20 seconds. It’s as long as you sing the entire ‘Happy Birthday’ song.
? Do not touch anyone.
? Stay away from sick people.
? Keep your face covered with a protection mask.

Is an air purifier mask enough to protect me from coronavirus?

The air purifier masks like N99 and N95 respirators are perfectly efficient to protect your face (at a large extent) from coronavirus. As these masks are tight and adjusted according to your face shape, it is hard for the particles to reach your mouth. Although they don’t provide complete protection from the disease, they do their job of protecting your face pretty well.

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