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Can Mask Protect Against The Coronavirus?

Safety Mask

The fast spread of the Coronavirus has threatened the whole world. Now it is known as COVID-19. The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared it a global health emergency and more than 50 countries now also including India has confirmed cases of this virus. In the US and the other countries have warned their people to be ready for hindrances in their daily life if the virus spreads within communities.

There are many steps you should take to prepare for coronavirus

WHO has advised many steps as the prevention from COVID-19 disease.

• Always wash your hands with soap, warm water or an-alcohol based solution like sanitizers available in the market.
• Always cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or flexed elbow while coughing or sneezing.
• You should avoid close contact with the person suffering from fever or cough.
• Immediately contact your doctor in case of difficulty in breathing, cough or fever and share your previous medical history with the medical specialists.
• Avoid unprotected and direct contact with live animals while visiting live markets in contaminated or affected areas.
• Don’t consume uncooked animal products as it may increase the chances of getting infected from COVID-19.

Best Face Mask to Protect You for Coronavirus

Can a mask protect us from the dangerous COVID-19? There is a big question mark on this question. Also, it is a big question across the globe. But a common surgical face mask can’t protect you from COVID-19.

Air Purifier mask or an Anti-pollution mask having N-95 or N-99 respirator, can protect against this new dangerous virus. Masks available at online places like Indianlily are Soft & easy to adjust, Gives a comfortable & close fit, Ideal for motorists, cyclists, and peddlers, Washable and capable to protect from various contaminants and infectious diseases.

Anti Air pollution mask

Such masks claim to be more than 95% effective at filtering dust particles and pollen which varies from 5-100 microns in size. But in the case of COVID-19 dependency on such masks is not an ideal deal. But they can work as a primary safeguard for your respiratory health.

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