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Your mask can protect you from Coronavirus 

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The number of coronavirus cases is rising at a fast pace in India. From Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala, there are more than 60 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in India.

But wait, it can be prevented. If you ask me how I would say masks are still the best way to avoid Coronavirus. No, not the surgical face mask. A more specialized cover, commonly known as an N95 respirator mask, can protect you from the new Covid-19 virus.

Masks are effective at capturing droplets, the main transmission route of Coronavirus. Some studies have found masks to be five-fold effective when compared to no barrier alone.

Visit Public Places Without Any Fear

Just because Coronavirus is spreading all over the country, we can’t isolate ourselves at home. We all need to visit a few places, such as an office or a supermarket, etc. And that’s where we meet a lot of people. In fact, if you use the metro to commute, then chances are you come in contact with thousands of people every day.

Wearing a safety mask while going out can help prevent getting the disease from an unknown person who crossed you at the metro or in the office’s canteen.

Since people with Coronavirus show symptoms similar to winter flu, you can’t even judge if the person is just sick or has Covid-19. Therefore, wearing safety face masks can avoid inviting Coronavirus.

Myth – You need to be with an infected person for 10 minutes

Some people and even hospitals claim that you need to be in close contact with an infected person who sneezes or coughs for at least 10 minutes. That’s a myth. Even a short interaction can transmit disease.

Though the chances for this are very less, it is possible that if someone infected with Covid-19 crosses you while sneezing or coughing can transmit the virus from him to you. And I’m sure you would want that.

Indian Lily has a collection of various masks, including an n95 respirator mask, a dust mask, and an industrial face mask. Whether you want a specialized mask for Coronavirus or want to prevent yourself from the pollution, we’ve got you covered.

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