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Anti Pollution Mask: Guide to Buying Best Air Pollution Mask in Delhi

Delhi and NCR region are yet again battling with pollution and smog with a steep rise in AQI (Air Quality Index). With the onset of winters, no rain, no wind, the harmful pollutants tend to stay suspended even more in Delhi NCR. Making the lives of the citizens a living hell. Air Pollution Mask in Delhi

This gas chamber effect has taken a toll on the health of people. They fight against sickness, breathing issues, headaches, burning eyes, and general discomfort in breathing.

Although the government may or may not be working to fight this issue, it is fallen upon the fellow citizens to protect themselves from the pollutants.

While air purifiers and air conditioners do their job pretty well, they are limited to confined spaces like homes and offices.  While you are out there travelling to work, shopping, or going about your day, the only thing that will take care of you is an anti-pollution mask.

Also known as pollution mask or respirator mask, these products protect your health by filtering out more than 90% of the harmful chemicals, pollutants, dust, and more and letting you breathe good quality air.

So, Here is the Best Guidance to Buying Best Anti Pollution Mask in Delhi Air Pollution Mask in Delhi

If you haven’t bought a pollution filter mask yet for yourself and your family, it’s high time you should. Here are the things to look out for while buying the best anti-pollution mask in India.

  1. Buy a mask that should be able to filter out hazardous pollutants like PM 2.5, dust, CO, pollutants, and other harmful chemicals from the air. Look out for masks with active carbon filters and layers of molten cloth. These layers surprisingly clean up the polluted air to make it breathable.
  2. Find an air pollution mask with a respiratory valve. Respiratory valves attached to masks let the air you breathe out escape easily without suffocating you or without creating a leak from the nose area. This is especially helpful for people who wear glasses or spectacles as the leaking air from nose-bridge may lead to fogging.
  3. Special care should be given while choosing an anti-pollution mask. The bands and the nose clip should be flexible too so that they can adjust easily without losing their elastic property.
  4. Always buy a washable air mask that can be used for a long duration and can be washed easily when dirty.

Hope this guide helps you with buying an anti-pollution mask for you and your family.

Suggested air mask to buy in India:

Anti Pollution Mask by IndianLily

This product meets all the necessary requirements. It is to be used in order to filter the extremely hazardous air of Delhi, NCR. And other polluted cities in India like Lucknow, Kanpur, Patna, Gurugram, Noida, and etc.

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