Tealight Candle Holders

Tea Light & Candles Home Décor Idea for This Diwali

Tea light Candle Holder

The candle symbolizes light in the darkness of life. The illumination of the candle is the symbol of spirit and truth. The candles are lit to keep away the evil spirits. Life safe as long as the candle burns. Tea Light Candle Holder home décor ideas for this Diwali are as follows.

Metal Tea Light Candle Holder

Table Metal Tealight Candle Holders

Metal tea light – candle holder with tied ribbons can be kept on the dining table or centre table to lend a soft glow to your festive meals. It needs one metal stand and three tea-light candles. Everyone will praise your art decoration ideas, along with your culinary skills.

Metallic Candle Holder

You can purchase three metallic candle holders with a pack of twelve scented candles. You can keep them in your bedroom or bathroom to make the ambience more relaxing and romantic. The light dispersing from the candle holders with intricate designs would add to the magical atmosphere. It is also a safer option than openly lit candles if you have pets or small kids at home.

The Golden Candle Holder

The golden candle holder with geometric patterns is a simple and elegant option to décor your home in this Diwali. You can use smokeless candles for Diwali home decoration.

Tea Light Candle Holder

Hanging Tea Light Holders

You can choose the purple tree Moroccan glass mosaic tea-light candle holder. It is also an excellent option for Diwali gifts. You can select Kala Rajasthani handmade puppet tea-light holder to make a great look of your home. The purple tree brass lotus tea-light holder with glass is also an excellent option for the Diwali Decoration.

Rustic Tea-Light Candle Holder

Rustic Tealight Candle Holder

The rustic tea-light candle holders carries a unique shape and design. You can place it in different spots like bedroom, garden, living room, coffee table, etc. It will help you to create a vintage touch in your Diwali decoration. The shape of this rustic tea-light holder is cubical with a round edge. The floral pattern design with two colours gold and silver gives a unique touch. It is available in a very sturdy and safe design, also promises safety. It is made up of metal and has a metallic handle, and it is easy to carry it your desired place.

Citronella Tea-Light Candles

Citronella oil is used in Citronella tea-light candles. These are applicable as an insect repellant. It is effectively used against the pest. You can have the natural effect of insect repellent and the natural beauty of lit candles. Tea-light candles are available with beautiful holders, which create a lovely ambience. The scent of the Citronella candles releases when it is heated.

The mentioned above ideas of tea-light and candles will help you to décor you home.

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