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The Difference Between N95s, Surgical Masks, and Cloth Masks


In today’s time, our world is suffering from Covid-19 pandemic. This is the reason the centres for disease control and prevention recommended all the citizens to use a mask as a protective measure. But the fact can’t be denied that with so many options it becomes tough to choose the best for everyday use. Thus, let’s explore the differences between N95s, surgical masks and cloth mask to understand correctly that which mask will suits your needs and requirements the most.

N95s Mask

The N95s masks are technically considered as respirators and are created with the ability to filter 95% of particles in the environment using the static electricity. These masks ensure the most safety and thus are known as the best tight-fitted masks. N95s masks are tested and approved by the national institute for occupational safety and health to deliver the best-tested masks. Once properly fitted, the mask should be snug and thus it creates a seal against the skin with the minimal leakage. The N95s masks are especially designed with the purpose to create the best security but also wearing it can be an uncomfortable option. These masks are specifically designed for the health care workers with the hope of delivering them the best security.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are claimed as the most used masks. While the advantage of opting surgical masks is its fluid-resistant property. Unlike N96s, surgical masks do not provide sufficient protection. But, can surely prevent the spread of disease. It is said to believe that the mask must be discarded upon leaving, to assure a future safety.

Cloth Mask-

It is recommended that the cloth mask is undoubtedly the correct option to choose for the general public. While the cloth mask will not protect public against aerosols, but, the fact can’t also be denied that if you are a person who is following CDC’s recommendations for migrating the spread of the disease i.e. staying at home, reducing unwanted travel and maintain six feet of physical distance, then undoubtedly for you cloth mask is the best. In this case, the cloth mask can deliver a sufficient amount of protection to the users.

These are some basic points that a person should remember while purchasing a mask. Thus, remember the difference and buy yourself the best mask and assure the best protection from Covid-19. While, the other important aspect which can’t be ignored is to maintain social distancing and to wash the hands frequently.

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