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How to Identify a Real GPS Q50 Smart Watch vs A Fake GPS Q50 Smart Watch

Q50 Smartwatch

In recent times, Smartwatch plays an important role. However, people are buying smartwatches due to their attractive features. In addition to this, kids mainly need a Smartphone because they can access them anytime anywhere. A good GPS Q50 Smartwatch with GPS Tracker plays an effective role to get control over in hand. Of course, you should check whether it is original or duplicate.

Due to efficient working conditions, they bring certain advantages for people. You have to check both fake and original smartwatch appeared to consider the best product forever. Of course, you have to away from a fake smartwatch because it does not provide efficient working.

Kids Q50 Smart Watch with GPS Tracker (Black)


When comparing packages, a real Q50 smartwatch has a durable and withstanding capacity. But, in a fake item sometimes the package leaks unnecessarily. You may also notice a trademark icon in the original Kids Smart Watch GPS. The original product does not provide any fake symbols to the customers. The fake package should not be customization because it does not provide a tight closing. 


On the other hand, the Q50 watch smartwatch has a user manual and tool kit for accessing with a gift box. There has no obvious color difference between the buttons. Now, they have Russian and English two versions of the manual. You can check the accessories that are withstanding and long-lasting. Just compare them with fake and beware of it. 


Of course, a barcode is the main thing we could see in the original and fake Q50 Smartwatch. Each device must available in a unique ID and take effect immediately. In the original Q50, a barcode must be found on the backside of the smartwatch. By having a qualified battery with characteristics, you can find out best and real smartwatch forever. 

Q50 Smartwatch with GPS Tracker (Sky Blue)

Battery and Screen

On the other hand, we have to check the battery and screen to identify the real and fake Q50 Smartwatch. In the original smartwatch, you can see the battery backup that withstands a long time. But in fake, we cannot find the large battery backup. It has a lower battery and finds even has an explosion. 

In the original Q50 smartwatch, the screen should be smooth and mirror effect appearance. The Q50 has adopted an OLED screen instead of an LCD. But the fake Q50 Smartwatch does not have this kind of feature in it. You can check the GPS watch for kids clearly because of the unique ID and original device. So, it is capable for us to check whether it is original or duplicate. 

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