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Why Wearing a Pollution Mask is a Necessity in Delhi?

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 Delhi is listed among the top polluted cities in the world.  As per recent reports, It is really a severe issue and should be treated as an emergency. In a city with a population of above 2 crores. The issue has been taking a toll on the health of its residents. Anti-pollution mask 

While the government is doing its best to curb the issue, the citizens are equally responsible to take care of their health. which doesn’t seem to be happening on a large scale.

Air purifier products have found a place in the homes of the residents. But Anti Pollution Masks are still uncommon. If you haven’t gotten a pollution mask for yourself and your family. Then here are the reasons why you should as soon as possible.

Presence of Extremely Harmful Pollutants

The ambient air of Delhi and the surrounding NCR areas are extremely polluted with harmful chemicals that can have severe short term and long term repercussions on an average human being’s health. The pollutants are fed by several sources in and around Delhi NCR.

Some of the major reasons for such pollution are overpopulation, emission from the growing number of vehicles, emission from several industries, and smoke coming from agricultural burning in the neighbouring states of Haryana, Punjab, and UP.

With the onset of winters, the situation worsens as the fog doesn’t allow the pollutants to disperse. Some of the most harmful particles present in Delhi’s air are PM 2.5, PM 10, and Carbon Monoxide. With the use of pollution mask in Delhi, more than 90% of these pollutants can be filtered out.

Short Term and Long Term Health Effects

Although a huge section of people gets affected by the short term health effects of pollution, they continue to ignore the situation by not wearing a pollution mask in Delhi.

The short term health effects include burning eyes, short breaths, breathlessness, burning lungs sensation, coughing, and more.

The long term health effects are even worse. During peak pollution in Delhi, breathing without an anti-pollution mask is equivalent to smoking about 50 cigarettes a day. This can lead to a reduced life span of more than 10 years, lung infection, less stamina, bronchitis, asthma, and more.

Affects Children and Elderly more

While mid-aged people are less likely to be affected, pollution mainly affects the health of children as well as elderly. Children affected by pollution are forced to lead a life full of diseases and health issues all their life.

which can be easily noticed in most of the kids these days. One can also notice the average human age to be reduced drastically and one of the major reasons is the amount of pollution in the atmosphere.

It is high time people should not just use air purifiers and anti-pollution masks. It is also the need of the hour to care for the environment so that future generations could lead a better life.

Best Pollution Mask for Delhi

One of the anti-pollution masks that you can buy in Delhi to help you breath clean air is Anti Pollution mask by IndianLily. These masks have layers of molten fabric and active carbon . This helps to filters out more than 90% of the harmful pollutants present in Delhi air.

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