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Travel Easy With Essentials From Indianlily

Travel bags, Foldable luggage bags, storage box, rechargeable vibration pillow

Dynamism is life. Anything brimming with life flows, and lifeless things tend to stay at one place. You, we, all of us also tend to flow ahead in life. In today’s times travel is synonymous with growth and development. It is also synonymous with happiness.

Indianlily is your partner in all these travels. We offer a slew of carry on essential options and storage organisers that are sure to blow away your mind with their usability and the ease they entail. Your stuff, luggage, family requirements shall all be well looked into.

You could always pack and then head for your travel destination. But, when you come back with undone laundry and new shopping splurges, the older bags are sure to fall short. In order to help you organise better and efficient, we have launched our set of five foldable Luggage bags. These are small paper-lookalike bags that shall take negligible space to transport. But, when required, they can open up into large, spacious, strong and safe luggage carriers or travelling bags.

These bags are of varied size and colours and can thus, also be utilised to separate and sort luggage while travelling. They could also be utilised to store-in clothes during weather changes. Do not go by their initial size, these are mean machines in terms of the task they are meant to perform.

We also offer ‘storage box cum sitting stool’ option to our customers. They can be folded for easy transportation and later opened to store toys, dvd’s, shoes, books, and what not. They can then be covered and used as sitting tools. These chic collapsible ottoman stools cum storage units; footrest step tool, made with PU leather shall be your best decoration usable item in your living rooms.

Our toiletry organising travel pouch is made of strong fabric with sturdy zippers and compartments. All toiletries can be easily divided and stored in these compartments ad then folded for easy traveling. At your destination, these travel pouches/organisers can be easily hanged with a hook for easy storage of toiletries, without taking up much space.
Rechargeable vibration pillow is your perfect partner for those elongated sleepless nights in uncomfortable hotel and lodge beds and no-comfy pillows. You shall be easily able to find sleep with fresher mornings.
Hotels have a tendency to have large televisions for interiors, but viewing is limited to few channels only. It leaves you with no entertainment options.

Indianlily offers reliable ‘any cast’ WI-FI dongle. These small, but powerful machines can cast anything from your smart device to any television. They support all android, iPhone devices, etc. It is also your best entertainment outlet when shifting to a new city or address.

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