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Q50 Kids GPS Tracker Smartwatch : Best Child Tracking Device

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Child’s safety is the number one priority of every parent. Today’s world is full of threats, and in such circumstance, it becomes crucial for a parent to know the whereabouts of their children when they are not around.

This is when a smart watch for kids with GPS tracker comes in very handy. One of the best GPS tracker for kids available out there in India is the Q50 Kids GPS Tracker Smartwatch. It’s affordable, stylish, feature rich, and comes in different colours, a complete package that kids love to wear on their hand.

Let us talk about the features of the Q50 smart watch and how to use it.

Features of Q50 Kids Smart Watch

As I mentioned earlier, this device is loaded with safety features to ensure your child’s safety. Let us take a look at them:

? Real time tracking via. GPS
? Emergency calling through SOS button
? Set Up a Geo-fence. An alarm will ring on your Smartphone if the kid goes out of the set area.
? Voice calling feature on smart watch.
? An alarm goes off on your phone if the kid takes off the watch.
? Counts steps taken by the kid.
? Supports micro SIM card.
? Connect to Android or iOS devices.

Q50 Kids GPS Tracker Watch, Kids GPS Tracker Watch, Kids gps watch, q50 Kids smartwatch, Q50 Watch, Child tracking deviceHow to Use the Q50 Smart Watch

This is one of the best gps tracker for kids and using it or setting it up fo the first time is as easy as it gets.

The first thing that you have to do is insert an active micro SIM card to it in the given slot. After that, you will have to download the supporting app (SE Tracker App) on your Smartphone which is available on app stores for both Android and iOS devices. You can follow the instructions provided in the app to easily setup and connect the smart watch to the app. You will be able to view the device’s current location on the app after that.

The next step is to configure other features on the app. Use the app to setup the geo-fence if you want to, and an alarm will be activated if the watch goes out of the geo-fence.

After that, you can proceed to setup the voice call feature on the Q50 kid smart watch. Or you can even allow the watch to receive calls from any number. When all said and done, you can make your kid wear this smart watch for kids with GPS and be tension free.

Closing Words

The Q50 Smart Watch for kids is an amazing safety device for kids and is available at a very affordable price of Rs 1450. If you want to buy this device, just go to the our known e-commerce website Indianlily, choose your kid’s favourite colour and buy it.

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