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Q50 GPS Smart Wristwatch for Kids

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Right from the beginning of our species to our ancient society to our modern world, our offspring have been the top-most priority. We do anything in our power to protect the little ones from any harm. However, in the world we live in now, safety is scarce, and like any good parent, we worry about our children and their well-being. While controlling your child’s freedom may seem like the safest option, but this action will end up with them rebelling and resenting us. Which parent wants that? No one. So how do we ensure the safety of our offspring?

Now, we could achieve this by hiring a bodyguard but not only will that be a hindrance to your child and his or her development, but this bodyguard is also still a stranger that you cannot blindly trust. So, we need something that will be with your child at all times without interfering with their routine and freedom while keeping you a little less worried. Perhaps a child tracking device? But which should you choose among a sea of such devices? Here is a smart watch for kids that eases all your worries and problems.

Manufactured in China, Q50 GPS smart wristwatch is designed keeping worried parents in mind. The kid’s smart watch helps you track the movement of your child with an app on your phone. It’s that easy! All you need to do is connect the kids GPS watch to your Android phone to monitor the safety of your little one. The kids GPS tracker watch is available in various bright colors, and your child will love it.

Why should you invest in a Q50 kids GPS tracker watch?

  • The kids tracker watch enables two-way calls to numbers pre-programmed in the device.
  • The device gives a notification to your phone when its battery is low.
  • In case of emergency, your child can call the SOS number by pressing on the button on the side for a few seconds.
  • With this GPS tracking device for kids, you can instantly learn if your child is unsafe by feeding the device with the route your child will take.
  • The kids smart GPS watch has features against tampering and removal that will send you a notification and give out an alarm when tampered with.
  • With the kids smart watch, you can now monitor the sleep routine of your baby as it sends data to your phone.
  • Looking for watch, it will ring a bell for a minute, you can look after the watch, can stop the bell by pressing any button.

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