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Organise Your Home : Make Space And Simplify Life With Indian Lily

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We live in a country where Homes are treated as our own private abode of God.  They are supposed to be kept clean and clutter free. In today’s times of lesser space and hectic lifestyles, this maintenance and looking after has become a tedious task. You might just not have the time to organise things, we understand. But, people shall always find time to judge you and your lifestyle as per the way you keep your home.

And anyways, everyone likes a clean and well maintained house for themselves. Indian Lily is making organising, maintaining and cleaning simpler with its wide variety of organisation tools for your daily use. Our products are smart, in looks, usage as well as in prices.

For smart organisation in your rooms, we offer standing coat hangers. Made of wrought iron and steel, their handy hooks (4+3), give a sophisticated look to your cutter of clothes, bags, belts, etc. Since the rack (16.99*43*173.99 cm) stands up, it takes less space and gives an overall smart and practical look to your room. Available in soothing pastel colours of black, white and pink, they also make the perfect space to showcase your enviable bag and coat collections.

Our drawer organisers help you live efficiently. Organising the ever-increasing number of drawer objects, drawer organisers help them stay in sight and stay organized.  They are completely foldable and sturdy. The non-woven propylene fabric is anti moth, anti-dust and anti-moisture. Their size can also be easily adjusted as per the drawer requirements. Easy to clean and dry, these drawer organisers help to easily store and find small objects and clothes of daily use. They can double up as the perfect lingerie storage case as well.

For efficient bathroom organisation, we offer our ‘3- Layered Multipurpose Bathroom Rack with Side Hooks and Draining Trays’. Currently available at INR 499, it is the perfect addition to your bathrooms to organise all your toiletries, without taking much space. The attached two side-hooks can be utilised to hang bath or face towels as well. It can be easily dismantled for cleaning and transportation. Outside bathrooms, this rack can be utilised to store various other bottles like spice jars in a kitchen organiser form.

Our hanging toiletry bags shall help you save space in bathroom and yet, look smart. Priced at a lowly INR 299, these plastic and nylon organisers shall hold all your toiletries on the wall itself. Get rid of cluttered shelves today. They also make travel-packing much-easier and faster.

Our 360-degree revolving make-up organiser shall help you easily organise and showcase your expensive make-up products in an attractive manner. The sturdy design and non-toxic material makes it easy to clean. The pink jewellery-organiser offers perfectly organized space to store your daily-wear small jewellery pieces. Priced currently at only INR 649, this piece is surely going to make the life of the woman of the room much easier and prettier.

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