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How to Easily Organise Everything in Your Closet

Unorganised closets can be very frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry and looking for specific clothes to wear. Most of us face the issue of cluttered closets or wardrobes even after organising or rearranging it several times. So, the questions that arise are, is it something wrong that we do while organising our closet? and if so, how to organise your clothes in your closet so that it remains in the same state? Well, in this blog, we tell you how to easily organise your closet in a stepwise fashion so that it stays in the same state for long.

Remove and keep your clothes arrange category-wise

Begin with removing all the clothes from your wardrobe or closet and keeping them together according to their category. For example, keep all the trousers, tops, undergarments, etc. separately. This will let you arrange the clothes easily.

Empty and clean your closet

After removing all the clothes from the closet, clear up the space. You can use a damp towel to clean up the closet or wardrobe before you begin to organise your clothes.

Define an ideal closet space

An ideal closet has separate space for every clothing item. Determine which place will be ideal for which clothing type. For example, assign the drawer for undergarments, bottom spaces for bedsheets, etc.

Store your clothes by category

Here comes the most important part; storing the clothes by category. Apart from using the cabinets of the wardrobe or the closet, you can put several storage organisers or wardrobe organiser products to your use.

Lingerie or innerwear usually stay most unorganised in closets. To keep these items organised, you can use a lingerie storage case. Usually an innerwear organiser comes with different small compartments. These can fit in the drawer usually and provides easy access to all the undergarments.

Foldable wardrobe organisers are also great products to store clothes. In such organisers, you can keep bedsheets or sarees. They let you stack clothes upon each other, and with the help of two chains, one to load clothes, and one to dispense clothes.

Drawer organisers are another product to use available at best online home decor stores. These drawers are similar to innerwear organiser, but apart from lingerie, you can store other small items in here, like handkerchiefs, hand towels, tie, belts, etc.

Stack thick items like denim and sweaters

Thick items cannot be stored in storage organisers. The best thing to do with them is to stack one item over another to save space.

Roll t-shirts, pyjamas, and workout clothes into storage boxes

Items like T-shirts, pyjamas, and workout clothes are thin and occupy less space. This gives them the freedom to be stored in compartments of storage boxes. This will save you more space than anticipated.

Use vertical storage space

Storing clothes vertically can save you a lot of space and will help you keep your closet organised. If there are not many vertical platforms, you can add them yourself or call in a carpenter to add some.

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