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Clever & Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas

clever & stylish bathroom storage ideas, indianlily

Who says bathrooms cannot store items in a stylish way? And what even is the need for bathrooms to be stylish? Well, bathrooms are the inseparable parts of households and keeping them stylish instead of dorky will induce nothing but good vibes. Moreover, for the sake of home decor bathrooms should be stylish and should not be messed with by storing items at random places. A little bit of trickery and cleverness can make your bathroom stand out and add to the overall charm of your home. Here are some bathroom storage ideas that will help you keep your bathroom organised in a decent way.

Try out a mirror with a small ledge or shelf at its bottom to keep small items or decorative pieces for your bathroom. Modern soap dispenser sets can be a chic addition to your bathroom. They come in various elegant designs that can be chosen according to your choice.

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Use up spaces below and around the sink. Floating wooden shelves around the sink and one below it can be really helpful with keeping items of daily washroom use without consuming much space. If shelve below the sink is not an option, you can simply keep baskets below it. This will give your bathroom a quaint look and work as storage places.

Plastic bathroom racks & shelves, or wooden variations of them can be mounted near your bathtub to keep bathtub essentials within reach. Using bathroom racks & shelves can be a great deal breaker as well for your bathroom. These store items and can be kept in an organised manner.

3 Layer Multipurpose Bathroom Rack, Plastic Bathroom rackA good looking ladder bathroom rack is a great idea for bathrooms. You get multiple layers to place towels and other clothes in a stylish way. A storage ladder can also be used for the purpose. This occupies less space and lets you store multiple items at different levels. You can look out for wall spaces that do not serve any purpose and are near to the sink. Utilise these spaces to carve out small stylish shelves and store items in them.

Instead of fixing just mirror, you can put a wall mounted bathroom shelf above the sink and fix the mirror on the cabinet door to utilize bathroom space smartly. Mirrors, or no mirrors; doors or no doors,  cabinets always add a look to the bathroom. Go for a doorless in-wall cabinet if that suits your style.

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Make use of baskets. Use a designer laundry basket or hanging baskets in your bathroom to keep used laundry, towels, and other items. A modish cabinet above the toilet can be used to store spare tissue rolls, towels, shower gels, hand wash gel, and more. Use the other side of the cabinet doors to attach bins and keep several small items in them, like extra toothpaste, creams, tissues, and more.

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Trendy wall mounted bathroom racks beside the toilet are very effective bathroom storage products and can be used to place towels, magazines, and newspapers. Use transparent canisters with stylish lids to store essentials like ear cleaning buds, cotton balls, swabs, razors, and more.

A metal bathroom shelf with glass shelf base can be an attractive addition to your bathroom to give it a modern touch. A vertical arrangement of wooden bathroom racks or shelves without any door on the wall right above the toilet will add storage space and style to your bathroom.

Instead of floating shelves, you may opt for a contemporary wooden cubicle shelf as a bathroom storage solution. In case you do not wish to use wood, go for wire basket cubicles to store bathroom essentials; these storage solutions carry their own charm.

Why not use hanging hooks if you do not have space for shelves. You can install multiple of them to increase storage space. Add a voguish sink curtain below the sink and make use of the bottom space to keep containers that would make your bathroom look ugly if kept otherwise.

Be open to using anything as a container for random bathroom items like toothbrush, razor, toothpaste, comb, makeup brushes, etc. Hanging bathroom storage pockets may be old-school, but they are great options for keeping bathroom essentials. Try to give it a stylish touch if you can.


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