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We can’t make the washing-up of utensils go away but our dish washing accessories can help to make it so. Dry your dishes with Indian Lily Bamboo Dish Rack and spruce up your kitchen with an Eco  -friendly product. Bamboo dish rack is a useful dish drainer made from 100% organic bamboo where you can store utensils like dishes, cups, bowls, bottles, mugs etc.

The bamboo used is renewable, so it is environment friendly. Also, cleaning and maintaining is easy. We at Indian Lily has a wide variety of dishracks to choose from.

 Bamboo dish rack is durable, easily foldable and saves a lot of space. The folding dish rack has the capacity of 2 tiers, where the upper tier can hold upto 4-6 cups and 16 plates and lower tier can hold knives, spoons, forks and 2-3 glasses.   The steady look of the dishrack will a give a new beauty to your kitchen, giving it a modern yet elegant look.

The dishrack is easy to clean and wash with  the help of a mild soap and water. Our Utensil Holders are generously sized for storing or drying cutlery, they are mounted with vented sides to promote air circulation. The side holder helps in keeping the items like knife, spoons etc. Along with adequate size and compartments it also has a fancy and modern look, ie, it is a blend of utility and aesthetics.

If you are planning to buy a utility, multipurpose dishrack for your kitchen, along with modern yet elegant look. which will fulfill all your requirements and purpose then give a shot to Indianlily- Foldable Bamboo Dish Rack. A great storage product to add in your Kitchen and Dining collection !!

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