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5 Top Stylish Doormats & How to Choose the Perfect One

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When entering a house the first thing that we notice is the doormat beneath our feet. A doormat is one of the necessary floor coverings for safety and cleanliness. Doormats help in taking off dirt and moisture from shoes. It works to stop dust from entering the house. Also, it provides the perfect finishing touch to the entrance. Choosing a doormat or bathroom doormat for home is not an easy task as there so many options available for stylish doormats in the market. In fact, it gets difficult to find the right one. If you don’t know how select the suitable welcome doormats you should consider few points such as its thickness, size, and location (indoor or outdoor) while making the purchase. The size of the doormat plays an important role because the wrong size bath mat for the size of your room can really make things look awkward. Plus, the actual floor space in regards to shower, vanity, and toilet is hard to visualise without seeing the actual numbers. And mats may look smaller in stores than they do in your bathroom. Be safe and measure before you shop!

Even the location of the mat matters if the mat is placed in that corner where it is least needed then it is of no benefit. As a doormat should be placed where there is maximum foot traffic. There are diverse types of doormats for different requirement. Some of the common types of doormats are Scraper, Anti-Fatigue, Ribbed Entry, Anti-Static, Microfiber, and coir doormats.

Here are 5 top stylish Doormats:


Indoor floor mats are fashionable and functional additions to many rooms, including bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways. While indoor floor mats are often decorative, they do serve a purpose, depending on the room.

Entryways and mud rooms need floor mats that often more floor protection than decoration. Indoor/outdoor mats work well in these spaces. Any water-resistant rug that’s made of durable material is your best option. Even cotton with a rubber back can work if you are willing to wash it frequently. Just make sure whatever mat you choose is nonslip to protect you and your guests.


There are also mats made of cloth which have the characteristics of soaking more than just dirt and moisture as they can suck up snow and rainwater as well. Most of these types of mats come in a dappled design so that any dust or dirt that gets on them will be concealed, which is the reason they are made only dark shades such as dark brown, navy blue, purple, or maroon.


Microfiber mats are not only comfortable while standing on them, but they also designed so that liquid can pass through it. The are mostly used in indoor areas as their cleaning is easier and faster.


Doormats are available in almost all shapes, patterns and designs but there are manufacturing companies that make speciality, shaped mats for satisfaction and convenience like bike doormat. This type of mat is perfect for children’s room because of its attractive design. The coolest part about this type of doormats online is that they are available different bike models and also in different colours.


In kitchens, floor mats run the risk of lots of spills and long hours of being stood upon. Therefore, stain-resistant and cushioned floor mats are the way to go. For busy moms and anybody always on the go, easy to clean materials like machine-washable cotton are great too. Stick with flat woven varieties for ease of cleaning and their resistance to stains. Plus, they are soft enough for kids and pets to sit on if they decide to join you in the kitchen.


Kids love to splash around in the bath so make sure your bath mat is absorbent and slip resistant if you have young kids, sloppy teenagers or elderly parents around. Keeping everyone safe and comfortable is key. Rubberised backs are a must no matter what fabric you choose so that you won’t slip and they won’t bunch up with each step.

Just do plenty of research and choose the best material for you and your family only at Indianlily.

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