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4 Must-Have Smart Home Devices

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With the advent of newer, better, and more portable technology, the whole world is turning tech-savvy. In this race of technology, more creative and more useful products are being launched in the market for everyone’s need.

While most of us are already equipped with the latest devices and tech, our homes still lack this technological touch. With the latest electronic products available out there, you can now turn your home into a Smart Home. Here, we present you a list of smart home devices that can find a place in any household and can be of great use.

Motion Sensor Waterproof LED Solar Power Light

solar lights, solar lights online, solar powered lightsHere’s a smart device that lights up when it senses motion in front of it. Made out of 40 powerful LED bulbs, this device charges itself using solar power and also turns on and off automatically during night and day respectively.

This solar-powered light can be installed outside your home for added security and general utility. With its sturdy and waterproof design, it can withstand harsh weather conditions as well. Its main purpose is to light up when any movement is detected outside your home, which will scare off unwanted intruders. And it also works as an emergency light in case you need to go out of your home for some work during the night.

Portable HD Hidden Spy Camera

P2P camera, hidden camera, spy camera online, indianlilyThere are times when you will need to have a hidden camera in your home. This tiny little camera is a perfect solution for such situations. What makes this spy camera so special is its rich feature list. To begin with, it comes with its own WiFi transmitter, through which you can play live transmission of video directly on your phone.

It also has a Micro SD card slot through which you can record and store videos to play later. And all of the videos recorded and transmitted through this spy camera are in HD quality. One more reason to buy this wifi camera online is its capability to record videos in the day as well as darkness through its Infrared sensors.

AnyCast WiFi HDMI Dongle for Wireless Display

anycast wifidongle, wifi dongleTV sets are not something people change regularly, especially in India where TVs last for decades in a household. So, if you have an old LED or LCD TV with HDMI support, you can turn it into a smart TV using AnyCast WiFi HDMI Dongle. This screencast dongle lets you mirror your mobile phone device’s screen on your TV through a WiFi network.

With this device, you can seamlessly view photos, videos, etc. from your phone on your home TV. This small device will require you to just download a supporting app on your phone to cast its screen.

Digital Pen Cam Recorder

digital pen, smartpen, camera penAlso known as a smartpen, this pen-like video recording device is fully capable of recording HD videos in a stealth way. Moreover, it comes with WiFi connectivity which lets it cast videos directly to mobile devices.

Buying this spy pen camera online comes with many advantages, such as full high definition video recording through its 5MP camera, and amazing portability. You can charge it through a USB port and the 260 mAh battery can record more than an hour of video in length.

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