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3 Ways To Use A Wood Serving Tray

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Well, we all know about the most common and the only way to use a serving tray. A serving tray in every home in used to serve breakfast, drinks, snacks, tea, coffee, etc. to guests or straight to our beds when we wake up. Oh! what would we do without wood serving trays?

Did you know? Serving trays are not only awesome because they let you carry food and drinks from point A to B. They can do a lot more than that, especially if you have a wooden serving tray. If you have a huge collection of trays and do not use many of them, you have landed at the right place. Be it a new tray or an old one, here we talk about how you can use a wooden tray in 3 different ways or in fact any serving tray in your regular household.

Here are three ways to use a Wooden Serving Platter in unusual ways:

As a Coffee Table Tray

Are you a book freak? Do you keep decorative items on your coffee table? Or do you want a space to keep your coffee coasters? A serving tray can be put to use on a coffee table to accommodate all these things and more. Doing this will not only give your coffee table a quirky look, but it will also make it easy for you to quickly pick up all the coffee table items at once if you have to wipe the table. You can buy it from home decor online websites like Indianlily.

As a Plant Tray

A unique idea for all plant lovers. If your room is home to a couple of plants, consider keeping them together in a wood serving tray. This will not only enhance the look of your living space, but it will also collect all the plant dirt or spilt soil in the tray. Try using a serving tray with strong handles to keep the plants, as it will be easier to carry the plants together from one place to another.

Wood Tray for Art & Craft Supplies

Art enthusiasts always face the issue of disorganized art and craft supplies. You can use an old serving tray to keep the supplies organized at a place. You can even throw in an additional mug or tumbler to keep brushes, scissors, blades, pens, pencils, etc. at a place. This will give you the freedom to take your art supplies anywhere around your home freely and without any hassle.

These were some of the unusual yet useful ways to use a wooden serving tray. If you are looking forward to buying some amazing serving tray for your home, we recommend checking out these wooden trays on best online home decor stores here.

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