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15 Best Bathroom Makeover Ideas This Diwali

Makeover Ideas for you Bathroom

Do you have any renovation plan for your bathroom this festive season? Don’t worry. We at Indian Lily have many options which will help you to get the latest ideas to change your bathroom designs.

Here are 15 best bathroom makeover ideas that will provide an essential guideline for the renovation of your bathroom and the ideas are:

    • Make it attractive naturally: You can replace the tiles of floor and walls of your bathroom using natural stones which are durable and excellent. The natural stones are available in different texture and unique colour shades which will enhance the beauty of your bathroom.


    • Keep all your essentials in a row: In case of your small bathroom, you can keep all bathroom essentials in a single row. It will give you more free space.


    • Make one wall highlighted: Making one wall highlighted will be the centre of attraction of your bathroom. You can use a unique texture or your special creativity on this wall as one of the best bathroom décor ideas.


    • Use light colours for soothing: For your small bathrooms, you can use contrasting shades of light colours which soothes your eyes and mind.


    • Keep an antique piece: Hang on an antique piece of mirror on the wall of your modern bathroom. This concept will develop your bathroom vanities.


    • Make a transparent wall: Make a separation between the wet area and dry area by a transparent glass  wall  which will provide an illusion to your small bathroom.


    • Make illusion on the wall: Your bathroom can be redesigned  by using a large mirror on the visually enlarged wall of your bathroom and the mirror will create an illusion for giving the charm.


    • Keep a touch of bright colour: Make a contrast with a bright colour mosaic tiles with light colour tiles to establish a unique look in your bathroom.


    • Use small and simple sanitary accessories: Use small sized sanitary accessories like toilet seats, soap dispensers sink, and other accessories for your small bathroom and keep it clean and simple.


    • Use decorative shelf and hook combo: Fix a decorative shelf and hook combo to display toiletries and accessories above and hang your towel and robes below.


    • Keep a small plant: The greenery of a small plant can make a difference in your bathroom and keep a pot of small plant in your bathroom to give an aesthetic appeal.



    • Make L-shaped layout: Make an L-shaped layout for your square-shaped bathroom.


    • Installation of bathtub: Install a bathtub according to your bathroom.
    • Design stylish cabinet: Design a modern and stylish cabinet under the modern sink.


Finally, we at Indian Lily are always ready to do the makeover for your bathroom and we also serve house accessories section if you are looking for home décor materials in this festive season.

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